8 comments on “Crazy kitty

  1. I love cats too 🙂
    My Rory can get that same intense expression on her face during her “mad half hour”. You know they’re playing but they look so fierce about it lol

    • They do! I find when I initiate play, there’s two modes. Either Tig is taking it seriously and is fierce (while looking hilarious to me) or she’s so not bothered and looks bored!
      I like the duality – they’re fierce predators, but also cute cuddly fuzz balls! 😀
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      • Yes! That bored reaction also carries a hint of disdain “you want *me* to play?” LOL
        Cats are so perfectly self contained, self reliant. I always think the love of a cat is a very special thing because they dont have to.
        You’re very welcome – I enjoyed the post 😀

      • Yes, that’s true! 😀
        It is, they can be very independent. I’m lucky with Tiger, she actually seeks out company, especially now she’s older. She’s often on my desk when I’m on the computer – right now, it’s bath time on my bed! Thanks 😀

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