27 comments on “Helping Hedgehogs

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    I adore hedgehogs and they pretty much dominated everyone’s conversation yesterday please take some time to read over these brilliant tips 🙂 lets save some hedgehogs

  2. I never thought about HedgeHogs and what their lives must be like out and about. I’ve always thought they were cute, but this article really opened my eyes. Thank you!

    • Excellent, that’s what this is all about; raising awareness. I’m really glad you commented as it makes it all worth it 🙂 The next post – an interview with Emma who runs a rescue centre should be out tomorrow 😀 I hope you’ll like that too!

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    • I haven’t seen a real hedgehog either 😦 but I hope to someday. Be careful if you ever do meet one Bailey, I wouldn’t want you to get spiked! They are lovely photos aren’t they? I’m really lucky Emma let me use them, I’ll let her know they’re a hit! Thanks for commenting. Happy new year to you and your humans!

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