Sample of some of my images. Copyright Solariahues, all rights reserved.

[If the video did not embed CLICK HERE to view on YouTube]

Shop for prints of my images at Society6 (Depending on your location, you may need to pay customs. Society6 is in the USA.)

Images hosted on Flickr. Click each one to see them larger.

IMG_5295-1-3 IMG_5977-1-2 IMG_5842-1-2 IMG_3098-1-2
comma IMG_9299-1-2 IMG_0277-2-2 IMG_5072-2-2
IMG_9555-1-2 IMG_4577-1-2 IMG_5569-1-2 IMG_9963-1-2
IMG_0264-1-2 IMG_4877-2-2 IMG_1922-4-2 Narnia yawn
IMG_0392e-2-2 IMG_7836-1-2 IMG_5065-1-2 IMG_4077-2-2
IMG_2558-1-2 IMG_5774-1-2 IMG_1553-1-2 IMG_1228-1-2

And more can be viewed on Flickr HERE.

If an image you would like is unavailable, please contact me.

Last updated: March 2016

IMG_6888e-1 Example of framed print from my society6 shop (excuse the reflections) [remember there may be customs charges – store based in the US)
Original fixing doesn’t show. I got this for my Dad and he wanted a different fixing, so he changed it.

5 comments on “Gallery

    • Thank you very much πŸ™‚ It was hard to catch the dogs in action – they move so fast! Cats are my favourite of course – I shall have to take more of Tiger soon. You must be a beautiful model for your humans, especially with those lovely eyes.

      • Oh yes I’d love to see more photos of Tiger! My mum says its hard to take a bad photo of me because I’m so handsome but I think she’s just biased! πŸ™‚

      • I think I have to agree with your mum! πŸ™‚ I think photos will have to wait a bit – it’s firework time so Tiger keeps hiding, but I’ll get some done soonish.

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