Garden wild is a bit of an experiment. I started using reddit and after a while I decided to make my own subreddit to post about gardening for wildlife and create a helpful community with wildlife gardening in mind. I want to inspire more people to garden for wildlife.

You can view the subreddit here: /r/GardenWild/

I have hooked a twitter account up to the subreddit’s RSS feed so you can follow the posts on twitter too @GardenWildR

This page is to be a list of some of the wildlife gardening resources I have found, and those that are submitted to the subreddit, for convenience and reference.

Many of my wildlife articles also contain advice about gardening for their subject, you can see those using my Article-Wildlife tag.

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Feeding birds including human foods:

A video, by LASI Bee Research & Outreach, about quantifying variation among garden plants in attractiveness to bees and other insects can be seen here and the link starts the video at 2 mins 46 where there is a graph of their results.

I also have a little story that includes tips for helping sparrows in your garden; Sydney Sparrow

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