Blogs, websites, and other pages I enjoy and find value in 🙂

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  • Science and nature cartoons – science communication in funny comics – genius.
  • Pretty print showing the bees of Britain and good bee flowers by Catherine Pape illustration
  • Big Hedgehog Map is asking for reports of hedgehog sightings and is mapping them. They also are encouraging people to make holes in boundaries for hedgehogs to pass through.
  • Bringing big blue home Article by Steve Backshall following Big blue live on TV – good advice on what we can do to help our seas


Charities I support / Regular donations



  • – Educational science videos – science stated clearly!
  • Penguin Watch The Zooniverse has great citizen science projects and I especially enjoy classifying penguins!
  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell Videos that explain things like the situation with the bees, global energy, and the fermi paradox
  • Minute earth Science videos about our amazing earth
  • SciShow Science news, history, chats, and answers
  • Smarter every day
  • The Brain scoop Behind the scenes of Chicago’s field museum – from field trips to preparing display specimens



  • Little Silver Hedgehog Pretty jewellery made from silver clay by Emma, who used the profits from the shop to help fund her hedgehog rescue work.
  • CJ Wildlife I heard of this site via a book by Chris Packham I was reading. Good selection of bird food, feeders, wildlife homes, wildlife plants, and more. Good service and I’ve had no problems.

Introvert resources


Last updated: 29th August 2016


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