5 comments on “In the garden

  1. You are getting the Spring variety of Nature. That flower looks very interesting…fritillary? Don’t think we have it here in Melbourne, Australia. It’s pretty. My garden has recently had a good pruning and now light shines in. That should get some things growing, especially the philodendron that spreads itself.

    • Yes, it’s a bit of an odd looking flower, but I really love it. It’s snake’s head fritillary or fritillaria meleagris native to Europe.

      Good job, we’ve done our pruning too; just as well or nesting birds would stop us now.

      I had to look up philodendron, I don’t think I’ve seen any here. I like the heart shaped leaves.. I may have seen one in a butterfly exhibit where it’s kept really hot! If it likes the heat, the UK is not a great place for one!

      • Philodendron come in different varieties…my garden is the ground-cover type and, yes, I like those heart-shaped leaves too! They don’t flower. Often I used to have one that is a climber for indoors. Melbourne Australia is cool temperate climate. Being near a heater works well for the plant and not over-watering it, much like a monstera deliciosa.

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