4 comments on “I endure for the bees

  1. The flowers are really pretty, but I see what you mean about all those spikes!!
    Beautiful photographs 🙂
    I’ve had things growing randomly where they weren’t expected. A carrot in a front flower bed one time, and potatoes in the compost heap. Oh and we turned over some soil one time when building a rockery, and a random pumpkin plant grew behind the rockery 🙂

    • Thank you 😀
      To be honest the scratches weren’t bad, it was the fact that they itched that was the worst!

      A free carrot! Did you keep it? 🙂 Ah, yeah I get potatoes in the compost too, it’s amazing they can grow from tiny strips of peel, also amazing how long seeds can be dormant for and still grow, which I imagine is what happened with the pumpkin.

      • We ate the carrot 😀
        That is one very well protected plant, isnt it!? Not only do you avoid it due to the prickles but the itch reminds you not to go back to it. I wonder what made it evolve that way.

      • It sure is. I wonder that too… I would assume that since the spikes are quite big, they needed to fend off something big somewhere in their evolution, perhaps something that thought them tasty! But I’m just guessing, I did a quick google but didn’t find an answer.

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