2 comments on “Sneaky thief

  1. Great series of shots, well done.
    I have a pair of squirrels visiting at the moment also and luckily they seem to be ignoring the peanuts, concentrating on the sunflower hearts feeder. That has metal feeding ports so I havent seen any damage (yet). They are amusing to watch though.

    • Thank you 😀 Luckily ours haven’t damaged anything either. I did see the baby squirrel on the nuts again though, so I’ve adjusted the weight setting on the feeder – hopefully it’s right this time. Baby must have been too light for the original setting. They are such fun to watch, and so very cute – If I didn’t have to worry about what I’m spending on nuts I’d probably leave them be! 🙂 Have you captured any squirrel antics? I enjoy this shot I got in 2013 https://flic.kr/p/hFyZgo

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