6 comments on “Spring?

  1. Great pics of the Robin and Blue Tit. Robins are very territorial, especially at this time of year. They would have already been looking for a good nesting sight. They can be very vicious towards there rivals and fight to the death. Love reading your blog. Mart

    • Thank you 😀 That’s explains the robin’s behaviour.. I was hoping that’s what it was about because I’d love our robins to nest in our garden! I just feel for the poor dunnocks! Thanks again 🙂

  2. I too, like the pictures of the robin and blue tit. The robins in my garden also chase the dunnock as well as other robins and the blackbirds are continuously chasing one another; usually males with a female watching. It doesn’t feel very springlike, far too cold, but you are right, the signs are there.

    • Thank you 😀
      They’re such bullies it seems! I feel for the other birds, I don’t think our dunnock knows what it’s doing wrong!
      We’ve had a few sunny patches! 😉 I think I might be willing spring here quicker. I just can’t wait to be able to do more in the garden and see all the flowers come up!

      • Exactly, I can’t wait either, I keep going out into the garden, have a quick look at the emerging shoots and then head back in to the warm!

      • Same! I want to get photos as soon as they start blooming. I have managed to brave the cold to do a bit of tidying up and plant a new shrub though 🙂

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