4 comments on “Birdwatch count

  1. Great picture of the blackbird. I am still trying to get photos that good.

    I agree about the birds not showing up as usual during BGBW weekend. Last year, I think I saw only about three birds and this year, although much better, still found some regulars who didn’t show all day. I think so many more people start feeding them especially for this weekend that they are spoilt for choice.

    Your list looks much like mine except I don’t see starlings very often, nor sparrows and hey presto, the greenfinches have shown up today!

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m lucky to have a relationship with this blackbird – he’s so use to me in the garden, and associates me with food, I can get really close to him. Especially if I move slowly or when he’s not looking! So I can get close and have plenty of time to get a few shots while he forages completely relaxed with me 🙂 I just wish I could do this will all the birds.

      It’s like a curse! The curse of birdwatch weekend! You could be right with that theory. I know my immediate neighbours are unlikely to have done it, but I imagine some of the village did.

      It depends on so many things what you get in your garden, I’m learning. Sadly there are some critters I just won’t get. I saw a picture of your garden on your blog and it looks lovely 🙂 I think starlings like a big lawn so they can probe for leather jackets – maybe that’s why I have less as we turned some lawn into a new flower bed. I am putting out mealworms though and they like those.

      • I am lucky there is a lot of trees round about me but they do shade the garden and don’t help with photographs. I have quite a few feeders and a bird table and have been lucky recently to see some unusual birds. The blackcap seems to have moved in! Had never seen one until this year.

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