7 comments on “WHF open day 2014

  1. Great photos and a really good day out. I went on the Sunday when it was a bitmore overcast nd missed out on a few of the cats as they were sleeping.

    Definitely going to have to save up the pennies for one of the experiences so I can see them closer up.

    • Hi Adem, thanks 🙂 Cats will be cats, and they do love to sleep! I’ve never managed to see the North Chinese Leopards, but I think over my visits I’ve seen the others 😀

      It’s so worth it! The Ranger day I did was brilliant and there’ll be no crowds or stand-offs in your way. Can’t recommend them enough. Good luck saving up 🙂

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    • Thanks Bailey, I love going to see your big couisins! You’re pretty handsome yourself you know. Which reminds me, I’m way over due a post on my kitty!

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