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    • I didn’t know that! I’m in the UK so we don’t get to see them, but I bet they’re fantastic to watch 😀

      Our butterfly bush in the back garden is being a bit slow to get growing but I think it’s competition with the meadow as it gets really tall in summer! That’s one lesson learnt from this experience.

      Do hummingbirds visit your garden?

      • Yes, I get a lot of hummingbirds in the spring and summer. 🙂
        A tip on the Butterfly Bush, if you cut it back to within a foot of the ground, (early spring) it will (within weeks) get to about 8 feet tall, with many, many blooms! That is what I do. It blooms on new growth, not the old wood. Consider it a “rejuvenation” pruning. However, I’m not sure about your zone, so maybe double check first. I’m in Massachusetts,USA, which is zone 5. 🙂
        By the end of winter the poor thing looks nearly dead, and I think, how can this possibly come back…. But, oh does it ever!! 🙂 I like to leave it big over winter for winter interest, but my mother-in-law who is a master gardener, taught me that you can prune it way back in the winter, or early spring.
        Good luck!!!

      • Oh fantastic, I’ll definitely check that out. I’m looking forward to seeing it rejuvenated and attracting butterflies! Thank you very much 😀

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